It’s the beginning of a story


To tell the truth, every moment is the beginning of an entirely new story, so the title is a bit of a wash. Never mind. Here is what has been happening.

  • I jogged a very slow and wheezy 4K yesterday. It was 1K short of what my training schedule said I should have done, but it was also, miraculously, faster that what the schedule said I should have done. I didn’t use my race watch, so I was kind of winging it. Lesson learnt for next time.
  • I put a load more clothes, shoes and bags in the off-season suitcase. How much? This much.
  • I found a few more things to donate to charity, including a vintage white leather jacket that I LOVE but which just doesn’t fit me. C’est la vie.
  • Between the additional off-season clothes and the charity donations, the wardrobe and dresser are now pretty darn empty. In fact, there are probably about 22 items of clothing left, far less than the 33 allowed in the project 333 challenge. I will have a separate post on what those items are later so that you can all be nosy and see what I chose. Unfortunately, those 22 items do not include accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, gloves, sunglasses, etc. I am having a devil of a time deciding on these, because I just don’t know whether this winter will turn out to be blisteringly cold like the one 2 years ago, or quite mild like last year. I might have to cheat (ish) and swap out some items half way through if the weather takes a turn.
  • I attended the PhD defence ceremony of a colleague this morning, which made me really eager to just get mine done and out of the way. She is going on to be an assistant professor in Beijing! Well done to her. I don’t imagine that I will have such a short route to proffessordom, although maybe I could if I were applying to universities in China. I imagine that their universities are growing along with their economy, unlike all the universities (and economies) in Europe.
  • The double knit scarf is coming along, albeit slowly. I doubt I will finish it before it becomes scarf wearing season. Fortunately, there are other scarves to use in the meantime.

3 thoughts on “It’s the beginning of a story

  1. You know, most people wouldn’t call that a “load” 🙂 When I first started the Project 333 I gave away five shopping bags of clothing to charity – and filled three plastic trunks full of clothes which have been sealed and I haven’t dealt with yet! Yikes!

    I’m impressed by your minimalism already. You’re way ahead of me. I’m down to my 33 items – I think – but I’ve still got a lot of sorting of the items that *didn’t* make it to go still!

    • You are absolutely right, lethally. It is not what most people would call a load. But I live in such a tiny house that donating just this one bag to charity feels like a 30% increase in closet space!
      I feel like I started these projects from a pretty good place of minimalism, but at least some of that comes from my lifestyle. My work place is not super formal, so I don’t need entirely separate wardrobes for work and weekend wear. Also, my work isn’t messy or sweaty, so I don’t have to do laundry so often as others. I also have moved from one country to another 6 times in the past 10 years or so, and nothing inspires minimalism like trying to pack up your life’s worth of stuff over and over again.

      • I don’t lack for storage space, but I’ve got to admit, I’m loving opening a drawer and being able to see everything I own in one glance! I can’t see me ever NOT being minimalist now 🙂

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