Peak productivity: the academic way


life on the verge

It’s here! That manic magical time of the year where academics across the world take part in Do-Everything December. If you’ve found yourself uttering such rallying cries as, “I’d like to submit this before Christmas” or “Let’s get this squared away before the break”, you’re not alone (but you’re probably an ECR). This month, we will #finishallthethings so that we can start next year afresh, and with a chunkier CV. But how do we do it? How can we reach peak productivity when it has eluded us for eleven months thus far? I’m no expert* – just an average ECR trying to get ahead in this crazy game – but here are just a few things that I’ve tried that you might find useful.

  • Make a pile of manuscripts that would be ready to submit after just a day or two of concentrated effort. These are easy wins, and…

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