Damn you, Cadbury!


So, I skipped a week because… well… Xmas and all. My partner and I did two solid days of cooking and baking since the normal cook is undergoing chemo at the mo. But we pulled it off! Very successfully, in fact, with approval all around for the brined turkey, the two cakes, the Michelin star carrots and the traditional pate starter. Still, lots of work.

I did not get any running done at all, because of the health issues and such, but I did quite a few core exercises, and I tried out some little weights designed to slip over the feet so that leg raises and such are more difficult. I am so getting me some of those. I also controlled my intake as much as is reasonable, but to be honest, I could have been more restrictive. There was a tin of Roses that laid me low (I shake my fist at you Cadbury!) and there was several real ales that probably did me no favours. But that is the holidays for you.

Here is the newest photo! As you can see, I am wearing my newest pair of lucky underpants. My partner and I give each other a pair for Xmas every year and then wear them for the first time on nochevieja. Ahhh, traditions!


It is not yet a six pack, but I have to say that I do not feel that the holidays and all the challenges that they typically present have slowed me down too much. We have a few more days of travel before heading home, and they are likely to be difficult because I am not sure how much opportunity I will have to cook for myself or to or how much control I will have over what I eat, but you never know. the problem with staying with the in-laws is that you have little choice at all, so maybe staying with a friend will be better.

And then! back home! Oh joy. We get our weekly veg delivery box again! I can cook what I like and limit the fat content that goes into it! I can go to the gym! I can go for a run without worrying if someone needs their pills or help getting to the toilet or company while the medication takes effect! I can go back to the office, with my exercise mat and my scheduled breaks and my huge bottle of water and my office buddy to encourage me to achieve my goals!

I know what you are thinking. That is some strange things to be excited about, but this holiday has been more of a change in the work I do than a break from work… and the PhD deadline looms… LOOMS! I am so looking forward to a proper vacation after it is done.



What else can throw a spanner in the works like a serious case of the PMS? Damn. The cravings were hitting me hard yesterday. Salty things. Oh yes. Chocolate. Hell yes.


Did I give in? Yes, I did. But I also drank a litre of water, had a banana and tried to keep active. I can’t expect my entire life to suddenly go swimmingly and hiccough free just because I have set myself a challenge.

But here we are! Week three. Another belly shot.


Not great lighting, I agree. But it is still dark out in the mornings when I need to take these shots, so deal with it. I can’t say the muscles are showing at all yet, but I have noticed that things are starting to fit me a little differently. My jeans, which have never been the easiest to fit, are now a bit looser and saggier. Time for a belt, methinks. I have also noticed that my core is feeling stronger, that my posture is better, and that I am feeling generally good around the midsection.

All of this means that with only a few weeks of little changes, I am starting to get results! Now if I can keep my shit together and not get totally overwhelmed by tins of Celebrations at Xmas, I should be seeing some actual muscles soon enough!

The porridge for breakfast continues, today with a couple of drops of vanilla extract and some cut up dried pear chucked in. The stair climbing has also continued, and the ab workouts during my regular 8 minute RSI breaks has not been totally consistent, but has happened most days. I need to research some more little differences to make because I want to keep up the pace of progress. I am thinking I might stand on one foot while I brush my teeth. Balance requires good core muscles and all… Any other suggestions welcome!