What am I gonna do about it?


I don’t just want to achieve this six pack goal, I want to learn more about myself. I want to know which of the things that I do are because I really need or want to do them, and which of them are leftover old habits or things I have picked up but could just as easily put down again. All of this really means that I am going to start small and try to add, remove or change a few little things every week to see if I can get those awesome abs. I want them to be a natural consequence of all the choices I make in life, and I want to be in control of those choices.

So far, I have switched from cappuccinos and mochas to espresso. I like a good coffee, and I don’t want to give that up altogether, but cutting out the extra sugar and fat is easy enough. I never used to drink fancy-pants coffees, and I am not sure when I started ordering frothy frou-frou-tata caffeine drinks anyway.  I am not saying that I will never drink them, because the guy who runs the coffee place near me does a good selection of fun stuff and maybe a lazy Sunday morning is a good time for something different. But I sure don’t need them everyday.

More little changes and what they have taught me to come soon!