Awww, thanks.


Thanks to me that is! I bought myself a few new items of workout wear. Two new pairs of sport socks, two new lightweight sports bra/crop top thingies, and a pair of shorts. All have blindingly bright colours and (excluding the socks, which are just socks) they also have feminine details and sexy backs (the crop tops have lace on the back). It is too cold to be wearing any of this outside yet, but I will give it a debut in the gym over the weekend.


I have been making a lot of progress on my thesis, have been keeping up with my training calendar, have been eating super healthy (if you ignore the chocolate bars… hormones again, damnit!) and have been keeping the house remarkably tidy. I also finished a couple of little, personal projects and have generally been a very good self. So I decided to reward my self.

But, since I am not keen on owning two much stuff, I also put something into the give-to-charity-shop box at least one item for each of the new things I got. One in, one out. Keeps it under control.

On another note, I wore my heart rate monitor on my walk to work today. It took me 25 minutes, 45 seconds, and I had an average heart rate of 137. According to my monitor, that is 89% of my max heart rate, putting the majority of the walk in my 3rd sport zone and burning 189 kCals… but that sounds totally bonkers to me since I was just strolling at a regular pace.

Anyway, I shall run later today, when I hope to do the majority of the run in my 4th sport zone. We’ll see how that goes.