This porridge is too hot. That porridge is too cold.


What else am I doing in my quest for a defined tummy? I am eating breakfast.

Normally, I am not a regular breaker of fasts. I am not what you would call a “morning person”. I used to be. I remember being totally awake as soon as the alarm clock turned on my local rock music FM station. But that, my friends, was at least 17 years ago. In those seventeen years I have gained a lot, so the loss of some bright eyes and bushy tails within an hour of waking up seems more that a deal.

Where was I? Ah. Breakfast. Have you noticed how disgustingly unhealthy most breakfast cereals are? I mean, even the tree-hugging hippie muesli ones or the ones aimed at paranoid dieting women are LOADED with crap. Expensive crap too. There are some classics, corn flakes or wheat biscuits or what have you, but even they are creeping up with added salt or taste-preserving chemical whatever. Just terrible.

Plus, the packages are always tiny small, definitely not a week’s worth. Annoying if you prefer to do one big shop a week.

What to do? My usual answer is to make it your damn self, and that applies to breakfast too. My breakfasts will now be quite largely based on porridge (oatmeal for those in the States) and whatever flavourings I happen to have lying around at the time. Chopped nuts, fruit, honey, maple syrup, all options. So far I have had dried cranberries and brown sugar, but I may pick up some bananas tonight on my way home. Cheap as, easy to cook, healthy, especially when made with water instead of milk, and if I control the sweet stuff that I add to it, and easy to clean up after since I have a wee non-stick saucepan that is just the right size for a bowl of oats.

But it won’t stop there! I am also planning to try the Hairy Dieter’s cook book recipes for home made muesli mix and baked granola. Tasty! I’ll keep you informed about how that works out.

Also, tomorrow marks one week in this challenge, so I shall post another pic. Exciting!