What else can throw a spanner in the works like a serious case of the PMS? Damn. The cravings were hitting me hard yesterday. Salty things. Oh yes. Chocolate. Hell yes.


Did I give in? Yes, I did. But I also drank a litre of water, had a banana and tried to keep active. I can’t expect my entire life to suddenly go swimmingly and hiccough free just because I have set myself a challenge.

But here we are! Week three. Another belly shot.


Not great lighting, I agree. But it is still dark out in the mornings when I need to take these shots, so deal with it. I can’t say the muscles are showing at all yet, but I have noticed that things are starting to fit me a little differently. My jeans, which have never been the easiest to fit, are now a bit looser and saggier. Time for a belt, methinks. I have also noticed that my core is feeling stronger, that my posture is better, and that I am feeling generally good around the midsection.

All of this means that with only a few weeks of little changes, I am starting to get results! Now if I can keep my shit together and not get totally overwhelmed by tins of Celebrations at Xmas, I should be seeing some actual muscles soon enough!

The porridge for breakfast continues, today with a couple of drops of vanilla extract and some cut up dried pear chucked in. The stair climbing has also continued, and the ab workouts during my regular 8 minute RSI breaks has not been totally consistent, but has happened most days. I need to research some more little differences to make because I want to keep up the pace of progress. I am thinking I might stand on one foot while I brush my teeth. Balance requires good core muscles and all… Any other suggestions welcome!