Caliper and Dragon Flags.


My office buddy, who is one of the inspirations for and co-conspirators of this particular challenge, brought in a pair of calipers today. I can’t use them right away, as I am wearing a dress for a Xmas lunch, but I will keep you posted on my body fat percentage as soon as I get some readings.

In addition, I have looked into some more extreme ab training exercises and will be trying to achieve a Dragon Flag!

This looks awesome. I mean… AWESOME! How great is that? The control. The precision. The balance. The strength. That is the kind of strength I want, and I shall work up to this level of fantastic, slowly but surely. Oh yes, it will be mine.

So, next post will probably include my body fat reading, and a description of my first steps toward dragon-flagging. Don’t expect great things yet, but keep checking in.