Hi. Uh, I guess you want to know a little bit about me, so here is a list.

    • I love lists. I love them so much that I make several every day, in the Evernote app on my smartphone, in my PhD thesis, in one or more of the paper notebooks I carry everywhere, and even in the about page of my blog.
    • In addition to lists, I like plans, organizers, calendars, and the stationary products or apps that make it easy to organize.
    • I also love running. I really like to get into that runner’s zen, so I tend to go for long distances, by myself, in places that are isolated from traffic or mayhem, like natural parks, intercity bike paths, and unpopular road races.
    • Combining the loves of organization and running, you can track my current running progress on my MyAsics profile .
    • I also like to lift weights. I have not yet found a good app or portal for tracking that, so am currently just using the old ‘vague idea in mind’ method. I might even move to the sophistication of righting some of that shit down soon, but who knows.
    • I am almost done with my PhD, for which the current estimated completion date will be late March, 2014. That is not entirely true. I will be working on it until probably late summer, but March is when I hope to submit a complete, coherent, ready for peer feedback copy to my defence committee.
    • I am what you might call facetious. Or you might call me sarcastic. Alternatively, you might call me inscrutable or damn annoying. I really have no idea what you might call me.
    • I like to challenge myself to new and possibly scary things. And not just scary things like going skydiving, but really  scary things like the 6 items or less challenge where you risk more than your life… you risk people thinking poorly of you! I also do challenges that are not scary, like 30 days of self portraits, or 30 days of consciously reducing plastic purchase or waste.
    • I am a woman working in science, so am often keenly aware of how gender issues play out. That might make me a feminist, because I am definitely in favour of making changes that eliminate any unfair or unequal treatment between genders, but I prefer to think of my self as a humanist. I am really in favour of eliminating unfair or unequal treatment between humans.
    • I am also quite sensitive to disability rights, and tend to complain as loudly as possible, whenever possible, if it seems like my institution or local city council has done something that prevents full participation. For example, the local train station is undergoing renovation, but currently has no reasonable access at all for people who cannot use stairs (the only option is about a kilometre walk to go around and access the station from another side… each platform requiring a completely different approach).
    • I like to craft, especially in fibre (meaning I knit and crochet).
    • I collect fridge magnets.
    • I am generally a minimalist and prefer to only own things that are used often, in good repair and well made or lovely and lovingly displayed. If I haven’t used it or admired it in a year, it is likely to get the heave-ho.
    • I move internationally fairly often (six times in the last 10 years), perhaps one reason why I like to own very little.
    • More stuff that I can’t be arsed to think of now…

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