Two steps forward, one step nowhere


I have been running. Well, jogging, really, but I am counting it as running. And I have gone for a run twice in the last week. Before too long I will be up to three times a week and then I will be able to start and follow a running plan to get on with marathon training.

I have fallen back on my old chestnut tactic of running for two songs and walking for one. This lets me catch my breath and move up through the gears slowly.  I know that this is not a particularly professional strategy, but it keeps me motivated without being too routine or boring. Eventually, I will switch up to running for three songs and then walking for on. By the time that feels easy I am usually in a place to train like a professional.

On another note, I am still waiting for a decision on the visa application. Tired of waiting, and feeling quite anxious. It is unnerving to have your whole life and near-term future in someone else’s hands. But this is what I have, so I will have to wait. I shall just have to do more house cleaning in the meantime to work on those nerves.

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