Two new kick-ass goals.


So, since I have been struggling with the fitness goals, and because things are so up in the air right now and I don’t feel comfortable signing up for any runs, I am setting those goals aside. This decision took a bit of soul-searching. I have to be ok with not reaching all of my fitness goals, and ok with not working on them right now, without being ok with quitting them altogether. This is just part of a acknowledging that life is fluid and unpredictable and that changing my mind and reorganizing my priorities to deal with life’s vagaries is not a bad thing.

But I do like to have some goals on the go at all times, and they should always be kick-ass. Naturally, I still have the goal of getting my PhD. That one is highest priority, and definitely a sound, kick-ass goal. There is still a lot of work to do on that, and it does involve some work every day. Nevertheless, that goal is clearly a career thing and I need some non-career goals to occupy my time outside of office hours. I have selected two.

First, I want to teach myself to double knit. I have been crocheting for a decade or so, but only took up knitting in January 2013. I have taught myself a lot, like stranded knitting, knitting in the round, seaming, etc. I have made some items that I am pretty happy with, including a pair of spats that I recently wore to a wedding (they received confused compliments, and some gifts for others (I promise they weren’t horrible). Now is the time to raise the bar again, so I will be making this pattern, in blue and off-white, as a gift for my partner. I made him a hat last year out of the same yarn, so it should be a nice set without being too matchy-matchy. I shall keep you informed.

Second, I want to overhaul my wardrobe. I have been researching capsule wardrobe plans, clothing challenges, etc. I have previously done a few wardrobe challenges, like the six items or less challenge, which was really enlightening and surprisingly easy. I have been wanting to do something like that again. At the same time, absolutely all the clothes that I own have to fit in half of a tiny wardrobe, slightly less than half of three drawers in a dresser, a drawer in a nightstand, a rack of scarves and belts, a rack of jewelry, a shelf for hats and half of one suitcase for out of season clothes. That sounds like a lot of space, and I honestly classify myself as a minimalist, but I am seriously struggling. I haven’t had a clear out recently, I have inherited a fair few new, high-quality and emotionally charged items, and I have purchased a few new things of my own recently anyway. For example, my partner encouraged me to buy a new dress for a recent wedding (the one with the spats) rather than re-wear the dress I had bought for a wedding earlier in the year. I thought the first dress would be fine for all the weddings I would need to attend for the next year or so, but the partner found it distressingly 90’s. I also bought a fedora in what a shop clerk described as `petrol’ coloured, and I picked up a few new things in the sales that perhaps I did not strictly need.

So anyway, I am feeling overwhelmed by the clothing, the lack of space and the emotional baggage. Thus, I will be overhauling the situation and using this blog as an emotional outlet and progress tracker throughout the process. What’s that? You are not interested in knitting or wardrobe organization? Well then, to quote Malcolm Tucker… Fuckety-bye!

4 thoughts on “Two new kick-ass goals.

  1. Wilsar

    I like this post because of its sincerity. Your goals are definitely reachable so don’t beat yourself up. You can do it! I think knitting is cool, and I wish I was able to knit or crotchet [maybe you can do tutorials. If you already have one, pardon me. I’ll just browse your blog haha].

    Have you heard of project 333 [Google it]? I think you’ll like it. It’s challenging, but I think it’s doable. I’m going to start it in October. I am currently trying to wear all of my clothes to see which will make the cut haha. I’m an aspiring minimalist [and a novice blogger] so this challenge is my starting point. If you haven’t, visit Unfancy [google it]. She has great idea to minimizing.

    In regard to your fitness goals, YOU CAN DO IT. It’s even better to push when you feel like you can’t because the results are even more appreciated. I am a wellness, health and fitness nut [not certified] so I may be able to assist you in that realm. I’m new to blogging so don’t have a lot of content yet, but I’ll be adding more soon [including workout routines that I use in & out of the gym]. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! You can definitely do it 🙂

    P.S. this was a long comment, but I thought it may help you haha.. Also, you just gained a new follower 🙂

    • Thanks Wilsar! No knitting tutorials yet, but I will be posting photos of my progress. Also, I have heard of project 333 and was considering it for my next challenge. Not sure when that starts. Want to start one with me?
      As for fitness goals… I guess I would like to do another marathon, but in the meantime I would like to do a half marathon. Not sure when or where though. Maybe next spring, which will give me time to get my shit together and figure out where I will be living.

  2. Wilsar

    It starts in October, so right now I’m just trying to wear all of my clothes to see which ones i’ll include. Doing it together will probably keep us motivated since we have to hold each other accountable haha. I plan to blog about it should be fun.

    Regarding your marathon, I haven’t done any marathons yet (not sure if I want to do one haha), but it’s definitely possible, The hardest part of training is definitely lacing up your shoes and going outside. When you’re out, you’re good. I run every day, so I can relate haha.

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