Planks are now 1 minute and 10 seconds.


Boo. Yah. Mofo!

So, the ab workouts and core exercises may be coming into their own, but the diet is seriously derailed. I am finding it very hard to cut calories and fat. I am hungry ALL THE TIME and my partner is not currently trying to do any serious weight loss, which makes planning difficult. On the plus side, we agreed to eat no snack or dessert that we did not make ourselves. On the minus side, we made chocolate fudge brownies. And since there are only two of us, there is still almost half a tray left. D’oh!


Nevertheless, I shall persevere. I went to the gym this morning for some rowing, some core work, and some pull up and dip practice. I am using the weight offset machine to offset 15 kilos of my weight for this, and since I weigh 56 kilos (I weighed myself at the gym this morning too) I am pulling up 41 kilos of me! Super! I was using 20 kilos offset, but graduated to 15 and hope to move down to 10 in a few weeks. The core work included some dragon flag practice and some serious planks that each lasted over one minute and ten seconds. Awwww, yeah. I hope to do some research on planks this week to see how else I can improve them, such as doing them on a power plate or on an unstable surface (medicine ball?).

Also at the gym, I wore my Vibram five fingers, which I call my gorilla feet. See photo below.

And, since today is Tuesday, here is a photo of me belly!



You can just about see the top 2 muscles in the classic six pack. The rest will be here soon, as soon as I sort out this diet business.

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