Comfortably run


So, this week my running plan has stepped up from the warm up period to the slow buildup. That means I had to do a mid-week 8K run. I decided to do that just before lunch, which worked out well enough. A lunchbox of leftover curry has never seemed so appealing.  There is the small matter of being a sweaty mess at work which might put some people off… There are showers available for staff to use (originally designed to help encourage biking to work) but I don’t mind. A quick personal wash with a flannel (actually my head buff), change of clothes, hair back in a ponytail, a spritz of perfume (34 boulevard Saint Germain), and I am good to go. Besides, I work with a load of geeky engineers who probably wouldn’t notice if I wore a onesie to work.

I added the run to my online training log so check that shit out. If you are interested, of course. I know not everyone is mad for details about some random ass blogger’s lap times or average heart rate.

Being Tuesday, I bring you another belly pic.


I think I can start to see some muscle definition. I can certainly feel that my muscles are harder than they used to be, and that the layer of fat over the top is thinner. I will probably have to calliper again soon to check on my body fat percentage.

In this picture, you can see my other good sports bra (the first one you saw was used-to-be-white), but both are by Shock Absorber, one of the few bra companies out there who believes that fully grown women (with boobies!) can have a band size of 30. Figure it out people. Naturally, most shops don’t stock any size 30, but over the years I found a few that did. Shopping at those shops is now no longer possible (another international relocation), but at least I can order direct from the company and be confident that they will fit. Thank reason* for the internet!


Also, here is a picture of my running shoes, with mud, and my running socks, with left and right indicators, as I got changed back into my work clothes in the ladies room.


* I am an atheist, so saying “Thank god for…” is a bit anathema**.

** That is meta-atheist sarcasm.

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